EndoFresh Disposable Gastroscope
  • Always widely applicable
    ldeal for any scenario where time, location and availability are of the essence.
  • Always fully clean
    A new sterile, single-use gastroscope for every patient.
  • Always brand new
    No deterioration of mechanical performance and quality because it is single-use.
  • Always user-friendly
    Unpack a new endoscope, connect it to the XZING-S2 unit and standard ancillary
  • Always ready for the next
    Eliminate reprocessing and the more than100 complex steps required of your staff
  • Always cost-effective
    Low initial investment, no hidden costs and no long-term service agreements. equipment and get to work.
Product EndoFresh® Disposable Gastroscopy
Model XZING-W200B
Working Length 1300mm
ChannelInner Diameter 3.2mm
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 11mm
Bending Angulation angle Up 180°
Down 160°
Left 160°
Right 160°
Method of sterilization ETO
Introducing EndoFresh disposable electronic