The Endofresh host is highly integrated and can realize light source, water supply, secondary water supply, and suction functions in one machine. It can buy more time for emergencies and provide convenience for nurses to carry.
Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University
This prospective randomized controlled trial involved. Forty-two patients were randomized into the experimental group(EndoFresh® XZING-W200B) and the control group (Fujifilm EG-600WR). In terms of safety, no life-threatening events, equipment failure, or device-related adverse effects occurred during the procedures in either group. In terms of effectiveness, the therapeutic effects on postoperative Day 30 were similar in both groups, without statistical significance. Matching between the endoscope and ligating device was 100% in both groups. The incidence of complications on postoperative Days 1 and 10 was not significantly different between the two groups.
Wen Xu; Guili Xia, Laihe Li, et al. Evaluation of a novel disposable endoscope for retroflexed endoscopic rubber band ligation of internal hemorrhoids: a randomized pilot study[J] . Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2024, 8:qgae013. DOI: 10.1093/postmj/qgae013.