EndoFresh XZING-S2
Designed to meet the diverse needs of your scenarios
  • Full HD image
    Advanced image processing and adaptive light control help you easily identify lesions in different parts
  • Case management
    Convenient to view, edit, save, preview, print medical record reports and search medical record reports
  • Compact design
    Can be placed on a cart, shelf or table; connects to an external monitor as needed
  • Fast and convenient
    No need to wait, which can effectively save your time and reduce costs
  • Diverse scenes
    Can meet different clinical needs, such as emergency department, ICU, infectious disease ward, military hospital
  • Function integration
    Integrated light source, cleaning, auxiliary water supply, suction function
Product EndoFresh® Camera System Specification
Model XZING-S2
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions(W×H×D) 435*160*370mm
Weight 10.5KG
Lens Wash Adjustable, 0~5 level
Air Feeding Adjustable, 0~5 level
Auxiliary Water Supply Adjustable, 0~5 level
Built-in Suction Adjustable, 0~5 level
CO₂ Supply Available by connecting to CO₂ regulation unit
Output Terminal USB, DVI
Recording Format Picture, Video
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