EndoFresh® Shines at the 16th Sino-Japan ESD Summit


On April 14th 2024 , the 16th Sino-Japanese ESD Forum concluded to global acclaim!

We were honored to witness Professor Gong Wei from Southern Medical University Shenzhen Hospital, a leading physician, use our Endofresh brand disposable electronic gastroscope to livestream a superb esophageal STER procedure. This surgery not only showcased the clear imaging and smooth operation of the Endofresh endoscope, but also maximized infection risk reduction, receiving high praise from numerous international medical experts including Professor Gong.

The conference focused on "Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Resection Surgery," and explored the cutting-edge concept of "ERBEC," which includes Elements, Reservation-resection, Bilateral-benefit, Expansion of indications, and Cross-disciplinary Collaboration. These discussions not only highlighted the latest innovations in gastrointestinal endoscopy but also marked a move towards more standardized, personalized, and scientific diagnostic and therapeutic philosophies.

The successful hosting of this forum demonstrated China's strong capabilities and significant achievements in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy, while also enhancing Sino-Japanese ESD technological exchanges and learning, injecting new vitality into the global gastroenterological community. We look forward to further breakthroughs and developments in this important field.